Safety Spotlight

Head protection

Use your head to ensure the best available hat protection.

The hardhat, like the part of the body it's designed to protect, is often taken for granted. Company's today don't emphasis the importance of safety to their workers when it comes to head protection. As a single injury could handicap an employee for life, or be fatal, this aspect of personal safety is vital in todays industrial workplace. In almost half of the accidents involving head injuries employees knew of no actions taken by employers to prevent such injuries from recurring.

For their part, employers should realize that decreased safety standards for hardhats raise potential due diligence questions in the event of an accident. If the employer goes beyond the minimum requirements and introduces an even safer standard, employees will react by providing a better service knowing that they are better protected. This, in turn, will lead to a safer and more productive workplace. Not only is it vital to ensure the safety and well being of employees in the workplace, but its also important to remember that severe head injuries and related incidents can be detrimental to production.
The new generation of industrial headgear protects just as effectively against side impact as it does against objects striking a worker's head from directly above. This innovation should be of special interest to factory workers, who often face side-impact or falling hazards. Many of the newer hardhats feature a pinched or sloping brim all the way around the lip of the hat to absorb impact energy. The inner shell of some hats are equipped with an energy-absorbing liner of foam or plastic. The new hardhats also stay on the head much better than older designs if the wearer trips, falls or is struck from the side.

It's essential for all employers in todays modern workplace to take the initiative and strive to implement every reasonable precaution under the circumstances to protect their workers from severe and potentially lethal work related accidents.

Remember, there is no substitute for an effective and well-received safety program.

Here are a few helpful hints on the correct use and maintenance of hardhats:

  • Wear the peak forward at all times as it provides protection from the sun and wind and can also protect the face from falling objects.
  • Adjust the inside cradle to fit comfortably.
  • Do not store any objects between the suspension and the shell of the hat.
  • Hats should be inspected daily for cracks, scratches, dents and any signs of damage.
  • If the hats suspension is torn or broken it should be replaced immediately.
  • Discard a hat that has received a severe blow even if their appears to be no visible damage.
  • Replace the hardhats every 5 years, or sooner, if there are signs of wear.


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